Argo Application Installer

Add Programs Beyond the Programs Directory

By Ceedo Technologies

Free Trial - 45 days

List Price: $29.95 $19.95

A world of applications awaits you. Take it - it's yours.

Argo is an add-on for Ceedo that gives you the freedom to choose which programs you want to install and carry with you.

With a simple, easy-to-use wizard, Argo allows you to add new programs to your Ceedo just like you would on your PC. Simply download your favorite program from the web, or install it directly from a CD - Argo will launch the installer for you and the program will be set-up on your Ceedo. After the installation is done, the program will immediately show up on your All Programs menu.

Mobilizing standard applications.

Standard Windows applications are normally designed to operate on only one computer, and moving them between computers can be nearly impossible. When you use Argo to install software, you allow ordinary programs to take advantage of Ceedo's virtualization technology, suddenly allowing them to be used on any computer - by simply plugging in your Ceedo drive and launching them from the easy-access menu.

More flexibility for advanced users.

Argo allows you to add new shortcuts to programs and files that are already on your drive, so you can use it to customize your All Programs menu and enhance your Ceedo experience. If some of the programs you're using don't require installation, they can still be made easily accessible from the Ceedo menu.

The perfect combination.

Using Ceedo Personal and Argo together means enjoying the ultimate Ceedo experience - ultimate mobility and unlimited freedom. With Argo, your Ceedo becomes more personal, more useful and more...yours!


  • Ultimate mobility, unlimited freedom. Simply pick your application, install it on your Ceedo, and run it on any computer.
  • Simple and familiar. The easy-to-use Argo wizard helps you run setup files on your Ceedo just like you would on your PC.